WICW Radio is a subsidiary of Pioneer Broadcasting.  Pioneer has built many radio stations across the USA.  Several of the stations have been sold while retaining a select few.

Pioneer was established in 2005 with an eye on the future.  Terrestrial radio is struggling and away from the major markets, it is disappearing.  Online radio is overtaking the terrestrial market.  While the pace is a little slower than anticipated, it is still very clearly taking place.

At this time, the only thing holding back online radio is the auto industry.  Automakers had promised to have online radio in all vehicles by 2011.  The major drawback is deciding who will pay for the service.  The radios are certainly available, but they are an option as opposed to the standard that was promised.

If you have a smartphone, you have everything you need to receive online radio.  You need only to download one of many free apps available.  Any device that connect to the net, phone, iPad, PC can receive online radio.  Install your app of choice, search our station, save it to your favorites, you are done.  From that point forward, you will have a one-click listening experience.

Why online radio?  You can receive a CD quality signal any where in the world!  No more need for transmitters, ugly towers and fading radio signals.  In newer model vehicles, you can tether your phone to your car stereo via the aux jack, delivering bold content right through your vehicle speakers.

People sometimes think that online radio is somewhat beneath terrestrial radio.  Actually, it is much the opposite.  OTA stations that do not have a means to deliver online content are living in the dark ages.  How many people do you see walking around with transistor radios?  How many people do you see walking around with a smartphone?  That pretty much says it all.

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to answer any connection questions you may have.

Enjoy the 'Voice of the Island' anywhere in the world!